• An eco-conscious resort bordering the Makalu Barun National Park

  • An inspirational Green Village for sustainable tourism

Sekaha Green Village


We are an eco-conscious resort in the Northeast Himalayan region of Nepal, nestled along the periphery of the Makalu Barun National Park & constructed within the rice terraces and fertile farming lands of a serene village named Sekaha.
Our peaceful oasis of conscious living is for those seeking to rejuvenate & connect with the energies of the natural world while experiencing authentic Himalayan culture & lifestyle that is rooted in our local surroundings.

Our cozy cottages are enveloped by lush greenery. Guests can explore the vegetable farm, livestock, orchards and the yoga shala that are located in our resort.

We are an eco-conscious resort in the Northeast Himalayan region of Nepal.


Made with locally sourced eco-friendly materials, Sekaha Green Village is a self-sustainable initiative of the Cunina Public Education Trust.

The resort was the first step towards realizing an Eco-Skill center envisioned in 2015 by Cunina, a Belgium-based non-profit. It was established as an eco-conscious space for relaxation, adventure, and luxury in the lap of the Himalayas and aims to directly support the activities and programs of the surrounding Cunina Boarding School and the Agro Forestry Training Center.

In addition to on-site hospitality training, our resort also has space where locals can learn about farming, composting, herbology and other organic practices.


How we fill up your days, makes our days!
Understanding this, we offer a number
of activities completely curated to your interest.
Yoga & Meditation
Hiking/Mountain Biking Excursions
Flora & Fauna Exploration
Local Experiences

The Resort

Our accommodation emulates village life, with cottages made from locally sourced eco-friendly materials.
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